About Us

About Us


Green Jumper is a place filled with sunshine, earth, forest, spring and breeze.

Treat all elders as if they were my own parents and love all children as if they were my own; Care and respect all those who are in need of help.

Green Jumper -Origin
Our founder devoted herself to change the world into a place of love: filled with individuals with a yearning to help others, contribute to a cause, and showcase a talent. A perfect world is one where everyone receives help and respect, a home, and never has to endure hunger.  She longed to see an end to conflicts between countries, ethnicities, religions.

 The ultimate desire is to let our planet become a Pure Land where everyone becomes united. In order to achieve our dream, we will need a great number of people to participate. We have now passed the era of the material revolution and we have entered a new era of the mind revolution. Let us connect our hearts and welcome this new age with pure love.

Establishing Green Jumper -Early Thoughts

The Industrial Revolution introduced the widespread use of petroleum-derived chemical products, which brought convenience, but at the same time harmed life's most important elements of earth, air, and water. Environmental pollution has severely impacted our ecosystem and the food chain; Modern lifestyle and diets are now filled with heavy chemicals and dangerous additives. As a result, the health and living conditions of humans and other species have been threatened and affected negatively.

Mother Nature has been silently protesting these negative changes to the earth and we realize the environment’s health and our own wellness are connected. These issues need to be addressed as soon as we can.

And so, our way of life promotes living harmoniously with other beings in order to let the earth recuperate. Let us return what was taken away from nature and spread the seeds of goodness and green-thoughts.

Purify the world with everyone’s care and love

Green Jumper Mission
Green Jumper holds the mission of advocating and educating the use of nature’s essence to purifying the body, mind, and spirit to live harmoniously on Earth. Our philosophy promotes the idea of using natural and eco-friendly products to integrate health and environmental protection into our daily living.

One Dollar Fund
We dedicate whole-heartedly to charity! For every purchase you make on Green-Jumper, we will reserve $1 in our charity fund.

Future Charity Programs

We continue to develop future charities and programs that will help organic farming and spreading environmental awareness.

Green Jumper Products -Natural, Non-toxic, Organic

We take pride in our products. All of our products are free of fragrances, color, synthetic preservatives, harmful chemicals, and we do not test our products on animals.

Our main products include: personal care, infant and maternal supplies, food, household items, and more.


We welcome everyone to come join our green family!